Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 30, 2006 at 3:45pm

Nice day! A sensualist’s delight, and not just the weather (which is nothing short of perfect, rarrr…). I opened by breakfasting with my lovely aunt Marge at the Good Earth/Galleria. Love their yummy, spa-like, healthy breakfasts. I skipped the wheat grass (!) and went for steel cut oats with fresh berries, and an over-easy egg, washed down with lots of good (albeit decaf) coffee. Kill.

Afterward I bopped home just long enough to change into walking clothes – then I was off to Elm Creek Park Reserve for a long hike. Just me and my iPod, taking in the sunshine, cool breezes, and spectacular views for 1.5 hours of escape-to-nature paradise. Ah, September Saturdays. They do not suck…

Oh, and to top off this gorgeous day, Marge brought me four caramel apples as a treat. When Nathan laid eyes on ’em he screamed woo hoo and dug right in – nothing like a little caramel apple appetizer to kick off the dinner hour – because of course, they’re incredible. A crunchy-sweet bite of fall, those babies. (And in the name of moderating my calories, that’s all I had – a bite. But I thoroughly enjoyed it!)

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