Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 14, 2006 at 9:56am

Badgers vs. Gophers in Camp Randall today! Go Bucky, Go Bucky, F*ck ‘Em Bucky, Go Bucky! Wish I were there, Gopher weekend in the Madtown is always great fun. LOTS of Minneapolitans make the scenic drive down I-94 for a naughty get-away in lovely Madison. What happens in Madtown stays in Madtown (forget Vegas, pshaw!)… So I raise a bratwurst in one fist, and a beer in the other (oh wait, I have to swallow my fried cheese curd first, ahhh, there she goes, smooth as silk, baby) – and scream CHEERS and good luck, Bucky!

In truth, there’s neither beer, bratwurst, nor cheese curds on the menu for me today, sniff. No KK Klub Burger either. I think I’ll treat myself at half-time to a big bowl of miso soup (which I really do love, so really not much of a sacrifice there) with a fresh, perfectly ripe pear for dessert. My weight loss efforts have been slowly successful so far, so I’m pretty motivated to stick with my uber-healthy fare, even while watching Badger football. You should have seen my grocery cart yesterday, I almost laughed. Tofu, raw almonds, frisee,kefir, olives, garlic,Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread – I could (almost) have passed for a vegan! Me! But I love all of those things, so I’m not feeling deprived one bit. (Plus, I made a steak for dinner on Wednesday night that tasted amazing to me, wow it was good, nothing more than grilled top sirloin, but man it hit the spot, mmmm…)

I made a decent taco salad for Stace the other night – with tofu! I had opened a package and used a small amount for miso soup, and since it’s very perishable, and Stace loves tofu… I marinated it with lime, chili powder, garlic, and onion, then roasted it. Worked pretty nicely (not great enough to post a recipe, however.) I’m feeling my way…we’ll see what I come up with this weekend. Stay tuned…

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