Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 14, 2007 at 8:22am

Happy Valentine’s Day! To my friends and family – I heart you!

And in honor of feelin’ all that love, I thought I’d make a list of material indulgences (and potential gift ideas for your sweetie?) that I’m loving (or would like to be loving) today, too:

Chocolate: Ritter Sport milk chocolate (inexpensive and available in the candy section at Byerly’s; all I can say is, moan…)
Flowers: lilacs – wouldn’t they be amazing to smell today, in the depths of winter? Sigh…
Bath: Malin + Goetz bergamot shower gel and body lotion; creamy, dreamy, rich
Snack: Notorious Nuts roasted peanuts (also available at Byerly’s, so decadent and delicious)
Shoes: my saucy new lipstick red Mary Jane pumps, of course!
Jewels: my vintage red “present-necklace”from Suz!
Lips: Stila Blackberry lipglaze, xxoo
Polish: OPI Malaga Wine (pictured here)
Fragrance: Escada Magnetism (sweet and sexy, perfect for V-Day)
Dinner: pasta, baby, with some sort of lusty sauce…stay tuned for what I decide to make…
Song: Ben Folds’ The Luckiest, so very sweet, and so exactly what I am (meaning lucky, not sweet, ha)…

Today my extra-special Valentine is…BABY COOPER! A Recovering Baby Cooper, that is. He’s been feeling less-than-great the last several days. Awww, Coop! He’s having a bit of a nap right now, hopefully that will help his tummy feel better. That and 50,000 smooches from his beautiful Mommy Stacey – now she’s a Valentine! Happy First Valentine’s Day to Cooper!

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  1. By Suz on February 14, 2007 at 1:05PM

    Awww, you included my gift as one of your favorite things..:-) I'm SO glad you love it!

    Will you be my Valentine?