Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 13, 2007 at 8:35pm

I made John and Nathan’s night by preparing nothing more than avgolemono (Greek egg-lemon soup). It’s one of their very favorites, which is incredibly lucky for me, really – four ingredients, that’s it! Broth, rice, egg yolks, and lemon juice. Simple perfection. It is delicious, and makes a satisfying dinner with a big (but not fat, ha) Greek salad. Or for Nathan, with toasted pita and eggplant and/or olive spread. Opa!

Earlier I shared a yummy brunch with my aunt Mary, at the newly remodeled Edina Grill. Much comfier and spiffier digs, same deliciously eclectic, comfort-food menu. I had their classic salad of greens with crispy goat cheese (fresh, tasty greens, tossed lightly with a delicious vinaigrette) alongside an over-easy egg. As you know, an egg with salad is one of my favs– soooo good. Mary had their scrambled egg salad (same delicious greens tossed with crispy pancetta, dressing, and scrambled eggs). Variation on the same theme, also delicious. Then she was off to Nisa at Spalon to get (even more) gorgeous and I was off to – where else – Byerly’s, aka my second home, to pick up the family’s daily bread. Pita, as it were. Opa, again!

And now? Bedtime, my friends! I’m tir-ed, for no good reason, really. The sun shone today and lo, it was beautiful to behold. Should have given me energy, but no. In fact, it hurt my eyes! Have I been so long in the dark that my body doesn’t remember how to respond? No! No, no, no! Me thinks I gotta get out of this special hell we call…Minnesota…

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