Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 12, 2007 at 5:48pm

Siggy Roooo! Also (and originally) known as Sigmund, our almost-15-year-old Gordon Setter. That’s old for any dog, obviously, but especially for a larger breed. The old man is definitely showing his age these days – rheumy eyes, bony, arthritic hips, weak voice, sleeps most of the day, tends to fall alot, and there’s precious little left of his hearing. However, he’s got a good appetite, a great attitude (when he falls, he usually yawns and then chills where he is until he musters the energy to get back up again), the occasional burst of play energy (he has a little rope toy he runs around with; used to play for several minutes, now it’s for several seconds), and he still enjoys a good walk and begging for food like the dog he is. We know our days are limited with old Rufus (sniff), so I thought I’d dedicate a little posting to him today, while he’s still feeling pretty darn good (and looking adorable with his jowls caught in his teeth). Here’s to you, big guy… Roooo!

Thank goodness for Sigs (and for all of us!) that the weather warmed a bit today. It’s tough on old bones, that nasty, bitter chill. I finally got in a decent walk this morning, it’s been weeks, ugh. I hear temps are headed back down again (yeeeaah, great) so I thought I’d better get my butt out there while the gettin’ was (sorta) good! There’s plenty of exercise to be had indoors, of course, but it’s not the same as getting fresh air. Ahhh, fresh air. I’ve been craving fresh air!

I’m not cookin’ tonight, nope. There’s still leftover pot roast, believe it or not, so I happily had another bit of it. I’ll get on the stick tomorrow and come up with something, uh, fabulous. Until then, stay tuned…

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