Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 2, 2007 at 9:48am

Snow Day! Woo hoo! No school, so Nathan’s home with his dad (playing outside, I’m quite sure) and John’s working here at home. My plan is to snowshoe – of course! – then head out with John for a La La Lucia’s Lunch. How fabulous!

It feels like a baking day, although I admit I won’t achieve it. But what a nice day to bake foccacia or challah, huh? I love the idea of sitting in front of the fire with a book while waiting for the dough to rise. And to smell baking bread mingled with woodsmoke? Heavenly! Freshly-baked bread with a steaming bowl of garlicky cabbage soup, sprinkled generously with melty gruyere, yeeeaah. Or even a quick version of simple tomato-garlic soup or black bean soup. Wow, any of those sound damn good. (Bonus: toasted challah, or French-toasted challah, The Kill, for breakfast tomorrow… Or warm foccacia sandwiches for lunch…) Have a cozy day!

Hey, me again, just have to report on our romantic Lucia’s luncheon feast, groan. We each opened with plenty of fresh, warm bread and perfectFrench salads. Then tucked in to hearty walleye gratins – pieces of tender walleye and diced potatoes napped in a decadent sauce and run under the broiler until crispy and browned. To finish? The best damned piece of truly evil devil’s food cake I’ve had in years – check out the guilty resignation on John’s face as he’s forced to dig in, ha. And then…yes, there’s more…we stepped next door to grab some items from Lucia’s To-Go. Uh, yeah, that should do us for the day. Enjoy yours!

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