Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 3, 2007 at 7:26pm

No, I’m not saluting, I’m shielding my eyes from the intensely bright, snow-reflected light pouring into the house today. Blindingly (ouch!) gorgeous.

After all of yesterday’s soup raves, I went in the direction of tortilla soup this evening and damn it was good, if I do say so myself. So simple too, and not overly caloric at all if you go easy on the condiments; in fact, I used one tostada shell per bowl (40 calories), 2 Tbsp. of cheese (40 calories), and 2 slices of heavenly avocahhhdo (20 calories). All told, a meal-in-a-bowl for around 300 calories – not bad at all, and filling and delicious to boot. Ole!

And oh, my snowshoeing adventure yesterday – whoa, not particularly fun. Beautiful, but so difficult in such soft, deep snow that my heart damn near exploded out my chest, and since I had optimistically hiked far into the golf course, I had no choice but to slog back out, ack. Great workout, but too brutal – tomorrow I’ll definitely cross-country ski instead. (But darn; I usually enjoy snowshoeing more, although I’m not complaining – we finally have some snow to enjoy!)

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