Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 4, 2007 at 12:43pm

Friday Morning Coffee with Suz! It had been a few weeks again so I was very, very glad to pull it off today. Not our usual light-hearted fare, which made it even more important to get together. (Wo)manning one’s way through the intracacies of life without the ear and support of good friends would be a very lonely endeavor indeed. My friends keep me energized, balanced, and grateful for the many blessings in my life. Sheesh, I just realized, my friends are like CHURCH! HA! (Isn’t Suz looking every bit the Jewthran minister she never knew she was? Amen!)

After coffee, I whipped by Byerly’s (shocker, huh?) and picked up some walleye for dinner tonight. Total whim, didn’t have a plan as I walked in, other than thinking “fish,” hmmmm… Not even sure how I’m going to prepare it. Of course nothing is better than walleye dredged in flour and fried in butter ’til crispy – damn, that’s good stuff, and a Meyer Family tradition, so near and dear to my heart as well as tasty. However, trying to keep things on the lighter side, I think I’ll just brush it with a bit of butter and run it under the broiler until lightly browned. That’s pretty darn good too. With roasted asparagus, and a big salad, we’ll be in good shape.

These culinary adventures are for after happy hour, however – yes, Baseball Moms tonight, it’s been awhile, and the ladies are ready to get together for some beer and chat! (Anyone want to place bets on whether I really cook that walleye tonight? I can see some pizza with that beer and my cooking ambition going right out the window…stay tuned…)

Oh, some Happy Birthdays are in order! Happy Birthday John (4/18), my aunt Marge (4/19), and John’s bro Tom (4/20) – all took place while we were in Napa. I know John’s birthday RAWKED (our first night in Napa, dinner at Cyrus), hope Marge’s and Tom’s did too! And Happy Birthday today to my cousin Kelly! And a pre-Happy Birthday to my aunt Mary, on Sunday, and to Stacey Pooh, mommy of Cooper Doo (and my lovely sister!) on Tuesday the 8th. (Can you tell that Spring is as expensive as Christmas in this family?!) If I were with y’all right now I’d serve you (and me!) a big ol’ piece of Suz’s Fresh Lemon-Coconut cake!!

On a less upbeat note, if you love Fugaise as much as I do, check out Andrew Zimmern’s blog today. We were introduced to Fugaise by Stu & Debbie (here getting their Fugaise on!) and have enjoyed several knockout meals there. I hate seeing my favorite restaurants (Auriga, I miss thee, sniff) go down – hopefully Fugaise can rally. Go Don Saunders, go!

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  1. By Suz on May 5, 2007 at 10:26AM

    OMG, that photo of me is so ridic! :-) Friends are like church, I love that! So true, so true.

    Our May is like that, too. 4 birthdays, 3 Mother's Days. Craziness.