Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 5, 2007 at 2:09pm

Soooo…those of you who bet that I wouldn’t actually make that walleye last night – you win! Big surprise, haha, I started talking at 5:00 and didn’t stop until 9:30! Happy Hours, woo hoo! Gosh I had a great time, gabbing with Baseball Moms Beth, Bobbi, and Jen. Usually someone is running off to a PTA or a Little League meeting, but not this time. Friday Night, baby, no obligations and time to par-tay! Well, sort of. Pretty restrained, but great fun anyhow.

So I’m cookin’ the walleye and asparagus tonight! Early, in fact, because then I’m off to see the long-awaited Spider-Man III with Nathan. He saw it last night already…but once is never enough when it comes to super-hero movies, oh no.

Another fun crowd at the baseball game today – my brother David is in town from NYC. Mr. Good Luck Charm, Nathan’s team scored their first win (despite the rain out) and were riding pretty high as I ran to my car to get away from the freezing, blowing wet, YUCK!

Glad to be home, dry and cozy, in my soft, warm sweats, ahhhh. Time to snuggle down with an episode of Desperate Housewives while I fold laundry. That’s a little ritual of mine. The two go together so marvelously, don’t you think? Almost as well as foie gras and Sauterne – but not quite. Gee, sure could go for some foie gras right about now…Napa, anyone? Sigh…

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