Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 6, 2007 at 9:51am

Recap: Spider-Man III = Fun. Walleye = Good. Good night’s sleep = Yummy. Rainy weekend = Sucks. My dad’s fried quail for Sunday lunch = going to be Mighty Fine (not happening until later today). Coop hanging with my dad = Adorable.

I’d like to go for a long Sunday’s walk, but…I don’t want to get rained on. Like, at all. I hate getting rained on. It’s a curly-haired-girl thing; me and humidity, we’re not friends. Sensing humidity in the air while I sleep can cause me to wake up cranky – I’m totally serious. I’ll sleepily think, gee, what am I dreading today? Do I have some nightmare meeting? A dentist appointment? An over-scheduled crazy day? And then I’ll realize – it’s friggin’ humid outside, I can feel it in my bones, on my skin, and in my hair. Bad Hair Day. Blah. So walking in the rain – not fun, not romantic, not refreshing. Hmmm, guess it’s a kettlebells day. Gotta do something to prep my body for the pending infusion of fried food, mmmm, I do love me some fried food.

Then later, supposedly another baseball game, but I don’t know. Lookin’ pretty wet out there. We may end up with a bowl of soup here at the hacienda instead. Oooh, Greek Egg-Lemon Soup might be in order this evening, with a big Greek salad. Yeah, baby, that sounds lovely. (Unless we’re all too full from fried quail to even think about it, and in that case, perhaps a bowl of cereal will suffice!)

Happy Birthday to my aunt Mary!

Recap of the recap: My dad’s fried quail for lunch = Fantastic. OMG, goooooood stuff. With Susanna’s pan gravy, green beans, pommes frites (with a little cheater’s Bearnaise I made out of mayo, lots of fresh lemon juice, and tarragon), fresh bread with butter, and fresh mango and blackberries with lots of black coffee for dessert. Yeah, The Kill. Nice Cote du Rhone to wash it all down. And now we DO indeed have baseball, so I’ll try to stay awake in the stands with that lunch packed into my tummy. Ohhh yeeeeahhh, that’s the way to spend Sunday afternoon. NICE! (BTW, the soup is going The Way of Friday Night’s Walleye, as in, it ain’t happening. Perhaps tomorrow, stay tuned…)

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  1. By stephanie on May 9, 2007 at 3:18PM

    Hi Colleen! I started with the 4 kg (9 lb) version, then shortly afterward worked up to the 9 kg (18 lb) version. That's what I use most often, although we have the 25 lb and 36 lb version as well, and I used them to do squats. If you already lift weights, you could start with the 9 kg version. If not, I'd start with the 4 kg until you get the moves down, since you use them in such a different way than other weight-bearing exercises. You really swing and push them around, and you wouldn't want to injure yourself to start off. I learned from the From Russia with Tough Love book and video. I've also bought Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell book. The resources on are all excellent - that's where I bought my KBs also. Good luck with them - they ROCK! Stephanie

  2. By Colleen on May 7, 2007 at 3:39PM

    Hi again! Now I am reading about the russian kettlebells. I have always been very curious about them. Can I ask a coupla questions? What size did you start with? Did you go to a class or just work with videos at home? Any suggestions about getting started would be appreciated. See how hard I'm working? Thanks! Colleen (Jen's sis)

  3. By stephanie on May 7, 2007 at 10:53AM

    Hello Colleen! Thanks for note and for checking out the blog! That video - after reading your note, I watched it again too, and OMG, I just sat here and bawled for a solid 10 minutes. That Mabel was quite a dog. Plus the pictures of my (now 11-year-old) son as a baby really get me too. Happy to provide distraction at work! And, as you already know, of course - your sister is awesome! Stephanie

  4. By Colleen on May 7, 2007 at 10:13AM

    Hi Stephanie,
    My little sister, Jennifer Robello, sent me your blog, specifically to make me weep at my desk over the Mabel Memorial video (I have 4 dogs). Once the blubbering subsided, I am loving your whole blog! I adore reading about food, recipes, etc. this is just great and I thank you for providing me with a great site to visit while I'm supposed to be working! Colleen