Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 18, 2007 at 12:56pm

I had such a nice Father’s Day it could have been Mother’s Day! Romantically floating in the pool, pretty much all damn day. So yes, John’s dream day, especially when Nathan joined us too. Lots of chatting, good tunes, insane amounts of sun, and eventually a dry off and dinner on the patio at Bacio. Their version of crispy fried shrimps is quite delicious – with just the thinnest dusting of Parmesan and flour, they come to the table searingly hot and crisp, served alongside a cool, creamy homemade tartar sauce as well as a zingy-with-horseradish cocktail sauce. Mmmm…

Today? I am TOAST, no more sun for me for at least a few days, ack. Instead, I’m in full-on driving mode as of this morning – let the camps begin! Golf league and basketball so far today, with a baseball game later this evening. Dinner plans are obvious – leftover steak (yum) and a big salad with the first load of my LaFinca CSA veggies. Mixed greens including lots o’arugula, radishes, scallions, and fresh dill from a pot on my deck. Crumble of feta, few sizzling slices of steak, and it’s all good.

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