Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 19, 2007 at 7:09pm

As all moms do, I’m always trying to sneak healthier versions of Nathan’s favs into his diet. He wanted a burger for lunch today, so I talked him into thin slices of steak (much leaner, and a much more modest serving than a burger), sauteed and served on a whole-grain bun with ketchup and pickles. Alongside a fresh peach, not a bad lunch at all. Plus – the key! – he loved it. Ditto the pizza he wanted tonight. I pitched grilled “calzones” of a sort – whole-grain pita, split and filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and a few pepperonis, coated with a quick spritz of nonstick olive oil spray, and grilled (on the grill) until crisp and melty. Alongside a pile of fresh strawberries, another winner – yesss! I made them for myself and John as well, but filled ours with lots of green pepper and onion slices. Yummy, filling, and quick – important on this night, the last night of the regular baseball season. Wowzers it flew by! Some tournament play over the weekend and then dang, we’re all done. Sniff.

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