Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 14, 2007 at 12:11pm

Double the pleasure, double the fun! With…two salads for lunch (sorry, not all that titillating, ha). First up a fresh plate o’bounty thanks to my LaFinca CSA veggie sharesalad greens and arugula studded with chopped kohlrabi, onion, pea pods (love ’em raw) plus peppers and avocado from the grocery store.

Followed by a fruit version, nothing more than a bowl of gorgeous berries (LaFinca raspberries) and ripe peach drizzled with just a bit of cream (yum). Colorful, filling, and delicious. I figured after pizza, beer, and sweet potato fries for dinner last night – ha! – I’d better moderate my bad self right on back to plenty of fruits and veggies today. Done!

Later: uff I’m tired, bone tired, too many late nights for me again, ack. Even after my uber-healthy lunch, I had to drag my sorry ass through a few kettlebell exercises and a walk through Lowry Hill. I came home and lay around watching Sex and the City (on demand) until I finally forced myself into the shower to perk up enough for tonight’s hijinxing with my minxes. Man, it’s been way too long! We’re all just so busy! Not even cackling with Kim & Suz could wake me up (they’re wiped too, what a trio we are, ha) so here I am, going to BED! G’night!

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