Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 25, 2007 at 1:25pm

There is nothing moderate about this heat, yowza! Hellish (96 degrees), humid (dewpoint in the 70s, that’s tropical, my friends, yuck), scorching (nary a cloud to cast even a bit of shade), and stifling (just a whisper of muggy breeze would be better than nothing). Basically it’s dripping, nasty, ugly HOT. A salad day, or ooh, a gazpacho day, both sound lovely, although I had neither. Meh, the heat makes me feel like I’m swimming in more of a fog than usual, so while I made it to the grocery store, I didn’t actually prepare anything with the ingredients. Lame! I know! Perhaps I’ll be more inspired tomorrow, when I get my veggies on. And, I picked up a pork tenderloin at the store today that I plan on grilling tomorrow with lots of barbecue sauce for quick pulled-pork sandwiches. (Nowhere near as gorgeous and decadent as the pork shoulder I slow-grilled last summer, but pretty damn tasty nonetheless.) In fact, I’ll do it in the afternoon, before things get crazy in the evening, so we’ll be good to go for a couple of days. Yeah, that’ll put me back on track! I need to get back into fighting form for the weekend – I’m bringing a dessert to a dinner party on Friday night, Stu The Wine Genius and his wife Debbie are coming for dinner on Saturday, and Sunday the Baseball Moms and their boys are coming for a big swim. Woo hoooooo, it’s gonna be a HOT one!

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