Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 4, 2007 at 3:54pm

Date Night – I mean Day! Due to my stepdaughter feeling under the weather, John and I ended up with some unexpected free time today, so we quickly reconfigured our plans and headed straight for La La Lucia’s for a decadently late and romantic brunch, sipping mimosas while watching the rain fall outside. Sigh. When we finished (I could have sat there all day), we took our pleasantly plump tummies (full of a bevy of shared tasties, including a perfectly fluffy ham omelet, giant popovers, cool-n-crunchy gazpacho, smokin’ hot crispy potatoes dipped in sour cream, and “Baby Buddhas,” aka mini-cinnamon streusel coffee cakes) over to the Lagoon Theater to continue the romance…by seeing the movie Once. Spare and bittersweet, it’s a lovely (Irish) film, the music is gorgeous (and the real star of the film), in effect the perfect rainy-Saturday Date Day movie. Sigh again. Hope you had a nice Saturday too…

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