Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 5, 2007 at 9:48pm

Oh, a fabulously restorative dose of Cooper Cuteness this weekend, Mr. Busy himself, in a constant state of motion-giggle-chat. John, Nathan, my dad, and I settled into my sister Stacey’s (check out her new website!) lovely home this evening for an early Summer Sunday Dinner. Stace and I put the low-maintenance menu together via email and it worked out beautifully. I brought a salad, full of as many veggie-share veggies as I could cram in there, ha – mixed greens topped with roasted green beans and tomatoes, fresh dill, thinly sliced kohlrabi, sauteed corn, chopped onion and green pepper, and a crumble of feta cheese. Pretty and tasty. Stace made Cucumber-Mint Raita, I brought garlic bread, and we borrowed a genius page from my in-laws, Dot and John, by purchasing deli fried chicken (in this case, theKowalski’s version, delicious) earlier in the day and then grilling it for a few minutes just before serving, to re-crisp and warm it…works like a charm. Stuffed, we somehow made room for brownies topped with Blue Sky CreameryDouble Chocolate ice cream (incredible stuff). Yeah. Uff.

After a a bit of digestif swinging on the picture-perfect, front-porch swing, Cooper was ready to run again, wearing his Birthday Party Hat, no less, for maximum cuteness. And then…when his (and Nathan’s) running reached the edge of almost-frantic-silliness, we took our exit cue. (Why is it that the more tired children grow, the more energy they expel? So not fair…) After clear-as-a-bell “bu-bye” and “nigh nigh” wishes, we moseyed on home and left Coop to his soft jammies and cozy crib and a Good. Night’s. Sleep.

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