Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 15, 2007 at 4:57pm

Mya-man, mya-man! That’s Cooper-speak for Spider-Man, whom thanks to Nathan, Cooper now loves. Stace and Nathan donned expired Halloween costume masks for maximum Spideyness, leaving Cooper alternately excited, confused, and a little scared (as you can see in the pic). Mya-man!

Cooper calls me Ne-uh-nee, totally adorable. For the longest time there was only Mama, Dada, and Nay-nay (Nathan), but now I’ve proudly joined the mix. YESSSSS!

Once again, I’ve got a foil packet full of veggies on the grill – it’s turned out to be Summer 07’s signature vegetable preparation. Tonight the packet is full of summer squash, carrots, dill, and onion. Chopped then drizzled and tossed with olive oil and coarse salt before they’re enclosed in foil for a 30-minute pass on the grill (flip half-way through), they turn out lovely every time. And could not be easier, which is the best part of all. Yay for veggies on the grill! Yay for veggies every way!

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