Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 8, 2007 at 6:04pm

My office is clean. I’m roasting a chicken (again). John and I had a gorgeous Date Day brunch at La La Lucia’s. Life is goooood, my friends, at least right now, ha.

That brunch, that scrumptious brunchious (or something), just unbeatable. Today we sipped mimosas and nibbled on popovers, frittata (their version is more like crustless quiche than the traditional omelet and that’s just fine, it’s lovely), crispy oven roasted potatoes dipped in sour cream, and lots of coffee. I hardly knew what to bite or sip, all good, all good.

Same goes for last night, by the way, dinner with Andrew& Rishia Zimmern at Harry’s Food & Cocktails, in the now-hoppin’ riverfront ‘hood in the shadow of the new Guthrie. No Chef Steven Brown in the house (darn, he’s amazing) but plenty of tasties nonetheless. Rich, rich gastropub (AZ’s term) fare, I kinda sorta rolled out of there. We shared a whole mess o’things… A lovely chicken liver amuse bouche. Then bites of salt-n-pepper shrimps, beef short ribs, crispy pork belly with lentils, mussels & frites, burger, walleye sandwich (with avocado&radishes, nice), green goddess salad, BLT, banana cream pie. Uh, yeah, no wonder I was stuffed, uff. Fun though! Some hits, some misses – I’d really like to go back when Steven Brown is in the kitchen. Skip the BLT, but try the plump mussels, fat burger, crispy walleye sandwich, or creamypie.

And tonight, as I said, back to roasted chicken. It was just so damn good, we had to give it another go. In fact, I’m roasting two this go-round, since Nathan is here for din, and hopefully we’ll have some leftovers for sandwich fixin’s tomorrow. Nothing like a chicken sandwich washed down with a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon, huh? Sweet. Salty. Sweeet.

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  1. By Anonymous on September 8, 2007 at 9:19PM

    So tickled to see Andrew on your latest blog. He was just on the front page of our local newspaper, telling that he will be in little tiny Cyrus, MN, sampling some Norwegian fare on September 15.
    Just love that guy!
    Lisa (Kathie's sis)