Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 9, 2007 at 9:20pm

Ah, Sunday, a day of moderation. I was due, I’m sure you’ll agree, after a week that included dinner at Debbie & Stu’s,dinner with Zim & Rishia, brunch at Lucia’s, and roasted chicken not once, but twice. Uh, ack! So today – a gorgeous, cool, sunny day, just like I’d been wishing for – I took a long, lovely walk, and ate lots of veggies (cooked and raw) and dreamy Colorado peaches (perfect right now) and drank lots of water and just got myself back on track again. Felt good.

I also took in a heck of a long baseball game – yes, Nathan is at it again, “fall ball” this go-round, which is nicely low-key and chill (thank goodness). Stacey and Cooper stopped by for awhile, but there’s no way Coop could hack an almost-three hour game. Nor could his mommy, not with him wanting nothing more than to splash in dirty water, pick up random pieces of trash, climb on the bleachers, and run into the middle of a pretty rowdy group of kids playing catch. Heart attack a minute, busy one-year olds! Luckily they’re so irresistibly cute!

And so, off to bed. It’s not truly a day of moderation without a good night’s sleep. Clean jammies, clean sheets, ahhhhh… ‘Night!

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