Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 7, 2007 at 12:22pm

Again, I rave about Lucia’s. I know, I know, but I can’t help it, I love the place. Last night John and I ducked in for another perfect Date Night dinner – cozy, simple, relaxing, delicious. I had a roasted chicken breast, boned but with crispy skin, served alongside mushroom bread pudding in a pool of truffle demi-glace. Shut. Up. As you might already know, I am over-the-moon for savory stuffing/bread pudding/panzanella/panade-type dishes, and for truffle-anything, and I occasionally (!) like me a crispy roasted chicken as well, so I was all over this dish. I even smacked John’s fork away with my own – clack! – when he went in for a bite of the bread pudding. He doesn’t particularly enjoy stuffingsormushrooms, what the heck was he doing? After I chased such silliness away, I fell into a lovely, truffly trance, mmm… I’d say I ate every bite, but I couldn’t pull it off. I gave half the chicken breast to John, and had to leave behind a few carrots and brussels (Lucia’s always does the yummiest veggies), but I gave it a good go! And I was stuffed. But in that good way – warm and buzzy and sleepy. I slept like a rock. Man I love that place.

Good thing I got such good sleep – busy weekend! ‘Tis the season! Tonight, Baseball Moms, tomorrow night, the neighborhood Frat Party, uh, I mean Afterglow Party, where all the grownups get dressed up and party down and have a grand old time. John would rather die than attend such a fete, so he’ll be home with Nathan (boys’ night!) while I happily head out on my own. Fa la la la la, la La La Lucia’s!

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