Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 8, 2007 at 12:37am

Merry Baseball-y Christmas! Yes, tonight we improvised and had Baseball Moms here at the holiday hacienda – really just Beth, Sonja, and myself, pretty super easy. We decided to gather here last minute, so no planning or shopping required, which ended up being rather fun, I must say. I lurve last-minute pantry cooking, gets the creative juices flowing. End result? A quick crustless quiche with ham, tomatoes, and cheddar, and an olive-fetaappetizer pizza for miladies. Beth helped me build a roaring fire, and Sonja brought deadly little ice cream bon bons from Trader Joe’s, mysteriously all gone since John got home, hmmm… (No, we didn’t eat them all stacked on top of each other, which made for a fun party-on-a-plate pic, but would be admittedly yuck-o to actually consume, ha.) We lazed and chatted in front of the tree and fire until, well, the fire dwindled, the beer ran low, our tummies were full, and it was time for the ladies to toddle on home.

And so now, it’s time for me to toddle on to bed. John keeps yelling from the bedroom how sorry I’m going to be tomorrow and he’s right (just this once). So with that, g’night!

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