Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jan 31, 2008 at 9:56pm

OMG, how could I forget to mention one of my very favorite ways to warm up? LAUGHING, duh! And for certain, hearty laughs, I highly recommend Planet Dan’s blog, one of the few blogs I (sort of) consistently read. Funny – evil, laugh out loud funny. Dan is The Man, no doubt.

Or, have dinner with Jen Leopold and Steve Katz, two of the coolest, funniest cats (Katz!) in the Minneapple (shown above at my Big 4-0 party last year, with Jon Brown on the left; oops, forgot my camera tonight…). We four had dinner at the newly-opened Nick & Eddie. Despite being big fans of Doug Anderson’s previous ventures – Bakery on Grand and A Rebours – Nick & Eddie just isn’t all that, I’m sorry to say. Great location! But…that’s about it. Knowing Doug’s previous ventures, I’ll hope they find a new, groovier groove. Soon! But until then…

We head into the weekend. Thankfully warmer, the cold snap has finally snapped. And oh, things look peacefully, thankfully quiet, ahhh. My plan? To enjoy some fresh air, my friends. Fresh. Above-Zero. Air. Whatever I happen to cook (eat) is at this point completely secondary… Seriously! Well sort of.

So g’night then…

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