Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 2, 2008 at 1:20pm

How to lift the gloom off of life in a black-n-white photograph? Well, for starters, be very, very grateful that it’s above 25 degrees outside. Big smiles there. I took advantage and went for a walk/run this morning, including some serious hills, which just a few weeks ago was a nice, invigorating workout but today, after weeks in the deep freeze, had me sucking wind like a 3-pack-a-day smoker (which I’m very much not), man, what a total bummer. I know I’ll be back to normal in no time, but it is a bit humbling to know how quickly the ol’ wind disappears now that I’m in my 40s. Nice little reminder, just in case the various sags, lines, and other disheartening signs of ‘a life well-lived’ didn’t pack enough punch. Uff.

Well. A pretty Saturday Luncheon Salad lifts the gloom as well! When the only color out the window is the occasional red car (I’m unfortunately totally serious, blah), chop up some pale green lettuces, deep green spinach, a few ruby-cherry tomatoes, and set it all off with chalky-white goat cheese, cracked black pepper, rosy bacon, and crackling, roasted asparagus. A nice combo of warm/cool, soft/crunchy, salty/sweet. A little spring-y tasting. And filling but not filling. In other words, all good. A spot of hot green tea to finish, as well as a warm shower (I’m thinking a splash of Naturopathica lime shower gel/Thai herbal body lotion could lift the spirits by stirring fragrant memories of the heavenly Miraval Spa, sigh…) should have me cheered up a bit as well.

And if not, I’ll be sure to complain about it. Wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone by writing out of character, you know.

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