Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 3, 2008 at 6:20pm

Yep, we’re watching the Super Bowl, but nope, we didn’t order pizza. I made it! Customized pizzas, from a basic bread dough recipe, one for each of the four of us. The boys go heavier on protein (pepperoni and cheese), pretty light on the veg. My stepdaughter is a cheese purist. I love lots of mushrooms, onions, and green pepper, with just a smidge of cheese. I haven’t had pizza for awhile, forgot how filling it is! Even with a thin crust, a rib-sticker, fo sho.

Man, what happened to the days of snacking through the whole Super Bowl? Con queso, anyone? Meatballs, bean dip, chili, chips of every flavor, smoked nuts, and lots & lots o’ beer? I’d say ahh, the good ol’ days, but I don’t really miss them much, I have to say. It makes me feel bloated just reading that list!

Go (insert Giants or Patriots, depending on for whom you’re cheering; I’m no dummy)!!!

And oh! As a sweet reminder that yes indeed, summer will again come to this frozen, gray land, I just got the sign up for my ’08 LaFinca veggie share. Woo hoo! Check out their website if you’re interested in a weekly supply of locally grown, organic vegetables!

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