Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 14, 2008 at 1:35pm

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nothin’ like a little love on VD, we all need some love, right? If you’re cooking up love for your honey, which I most often do (although not tonight; more on that, below), it’s hard to beat the, uh, aphrodisiac perfume of truffles, even in something as simple as Chicken Soup with Bacon, Asparagus & Truffle Oil (add warm, crusty bread for a fully sensual experience, crunch). Or, it never hurts to bring on a little heat, baby, perhaps in the form of Pasta with Tuna Sauce. And for dessert, chocolate but of course, even something as basic as Killer Chocolate Sauce served warm and melty over really good ice cream. Lick the bowl. Rarrr!

My love already arrived, and not in the form of chocolate (perhaps later), jewelry (not later, I’m quite sure, oh well), a card (certainly later) or flowers (hopefully later?), but in…an email from Baseball Mom Beth.


Well, Beth just happened to be listening to Cities 97 this morning, and just happened to catch a segment with “Chef Philip,” and Chef Philip just happens to be none other than Philip Dorwart of Create Catering, where we just happened to have our amazing dinner last Friday night… So? Well, after I wrote about our dinner, Stu the Wine Genius sent Philip the link to my blog (thanks man!), and Philip scoped it out (eek! nice!), and in turn gave Ye Old Moderate Epicurean some sweet raves this morning as he chatted about food and dining blogs – and naked sushi! – with hosts Lee Valsvik and and BT. You can listen here, if you’re so inclined (the “2/14 Chef Philip” segment).

So gosh, thanks to My Super Surprise Valentines – Beth, Stu, and Philip!

How do I top that VD thrill? Well, I probably don’t (sorry John!), although I’m gonna give it the old college try when we whisk off for love=food in the bar at Cafe Lurcat. It’s abso-friggin-lutely (to paraphrase Mr. Big from Sex and the City) a pommes frites and vino night for me, my friends. Chocolate to finish (just like you)! Hopefully completely immoderate. (Back with moderation over the weekend, don’t worry…) Oh. Yeah.

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  1. By Stephanie on February 18, 2008 at 11:32AM

    Whatsername - I wonder if they're the same? Do let me know! Funny, I always avoided pasta with tuna sauce despite loving tuna - I was missing one of my favorite dishes! My hubby will eat it, boy would never, so it's definitely a date night dish. Hope you have it soon!

    And oh, good to know about BT's wife, I'd love to meet her! I'm in awe of good bakers, definitely not one of my talents. Although I'm good at eating what they make!

    Thanks for checking in - Stephanie

  2. By Whatsername on February 14, 2008 at 5:33PM

    P.S. - BT's wife is a baker by trade, I believe, and one of most hilarious foodies I've ever met. Next time, ask for Lori!

  3. By Whatsername on February 14, 2008 at 5:17PM

    Pasta with tuna sauce! This recipe is sooo close to a version in my old (circa 1995) Joy of Cooking. I made heaps of it during my solo condo living days, and I can't wait to test this version. Of course, hubby and boy won't eat it, so I'll be flying solo again! Thanks so much. W