Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 22, 2008 at 6:56pm

Friday night, the deepfreeze has abated, I had polenta for dinner, and life is goooood. Although, I hardly needed dinner, given I was full all day from our raclette dinner at the Shubert’s last night. Oh, John and I went wild, broiling cheese over ham and potatoes, eating the melty goodness alongside sauteed veggies, coarse mustard, and cornichon pickles. After stuffing ourselves like French pigs rooting acorns, we still found room for chocolate fondue, merrily dipping grapes, bananas, pound cake, and strawberries into melted hazelnut Toblerone chocolate. Oy. So delicious. So full. So happy. Thanks Shuberts!

Yet despite my fullness…I still found room for the polenta, which I ate simply alongside mushrooms sauteed with a little garlic and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. All on my own for din – therefore the polenta! – forget about it, beyond good. I guess my shopping trip to the Mall of America today did spark a bit of an appetite. Me, at The Mall? Those of you who know me well know that I really don’t do malls. Especially MOA, Lord help me, I carefully avoid the place. Insta-headache. Insta-mallness. Ya know? But for Suz…I did it. And had a great time, of course – it was with Suz! And maaaybe I picked up a few little rewards for myself. (Woo hoo!)

And oh! I also received a case of extra-incredible olive oil, directly from Italy. I had ordered it from a woman named Ludovica, who my aunts and stepmom met on a recent stay in Umbria. This is seriousolive oil, lovingly made from the carefully picked fruit of hundred-year-old trees. Smooth, fruity-peppery taste (with quite an after-kick!), bright golden green color, fresh as fresh can be. I’ll save it for bread and salads, when its delicious purity can be best savored. A delivery of Umbrian warmth, right to my wintry, grey doorstoop. Amazing. Grazie Ludovica!

So yep, Friday. Time to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie. Fall asleep early. Nothing exciting, which is damn fine by me. I’m over 40 you know. But it’s all good.

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