Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 23, 2008 at 4:50pm

Do you have big Memorial Day plans? Not me, thank goodness. May has been a crazy-busy (fun!) bacchanal and I’m looking forward to a quiet, healthy reprieve. I took a long bike ride yesterday, and followed by the grilled fish and pile of vegetables I prepared last night, it put me in the right mood for a long weekend of dialing things back a bit, taking a deep breath, ahhh… No restaurants, parties, birthdays, travel, illness, entertaining – nothin’. Just a good book, my deck, exercise, flower planting, light meals, perhaps a movie, and a few good nights of sleep. Dang but that sounds nice! (I may very well not pull it off, but at least I’m going to try!)

Tonight I’m back to the wild-caught Key West shrimp I found at Whole Foods. Since it’s just John and me, I’m going to boil them in their shells for a little peel-n-eat action. Served alongside a saute of tomatoes, okra, onions, and a little bacon, I’m going for a Southern-ish feel. Southern light, that is – no fry, no biscuits, no pie. Just plenty of yum!

Moderate it: check out this neat article in Health Magazine – beautiful, quick meal ideas based on farmer’s market produce. They bill it as a “diet,” but I’d call it an outline for healthy, delicious, every-day eating. Nice!

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