Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 25, 2008 at 11:02am

Grillin’ & chillin’, that’s the goal for Memorial Day weekend, right? Our lovely sunshine disappeared, but that’s OK. The grill still works in the rain! (Although the griller will be tucking her hair into a hat – no steak is worth frizzy hair, even if it is tenderloin, sniff.)

As much as I lurve a grilled bratwurst, covered with raw onions, sauerkraut, and mustard, washed down with an ice cold beer (the Wisconsin t-shirt I’m wearing today does not help that craving and in fact probably put it in my head, ack), I had this plan to keep things on the lighter side this weekend…right. Not that we’ll feel deprived, heck no. As I hinted above, Nathan and I picked up a beef tenderloin for tonight – smeared with a little olive oil and lots of minced garlic, herbs, and coarse salt, it should come off the grill with a good crust. A couple of slices over a big spinach salad, simple and delicious.

For dessert? Peaches! They’re in the store and tasting great, my fave fruit. Hey, sticking with the theme, I could even grill one – mighty nice with a drizzle of best balsamic and a little honey. Yeah, that sounds like a tasty, lovely plan.

PS If you happen to be grilling brats, enjoy one for me!

Moderate it: beef tenderloin is very special (expensive!) and delicious yet quite lean. It’s easy to prepare – perfect on the grill. You can get away with buying smaller portions because there is literally no waste – no gristle, fat, or bone to trim away.

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