Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 6, 2008 at 5:58pm

Where have I been all week? Sorry, it’s been a bit crazy ’round these parts, what with wrapping up the school year, getting some time with my nephew Cooper Cuteness, preparing for a big upcoming trip, and working on the house. Throw in a few parties (the beginning of summer fun!) and even a little gift-shopping time with Susie (I kinda sorta hate shopping – but of course I had a blast with Suz!) and someone is a little behind on sleep. Oops.

Some good healthy eats help the energy level. Like last night’s ridiculously, scandalously expensive Copper River salmon. I was extra careful not to overcook it since it was dear and the only piece we’ll be having this season. Too bad – despite the fact that it’s seriously overly hyped, it is outstanding. Silky. Unctuous. I enjoyed it completely over a quick saute of fennel, spinach, and (already boiled) new potatoes, seasoned with lots of fresh dill.

Tonight my neighbor Amy is stopping by for a glass of wine and some nibbles. I found a perfectly ripe cantaloupe at the store yesterday so am setting it out, cubed and tossed with a tiny bit of vinaigrette (just a little olive oil and red wine vinegar whisked together), salt and pepper, a scattering of minced scallion, and a few shreds of prosciutto. Alongside some grilled bread, olives, and marinated artichoke hearts, it is so pretty and delicious. The goal is to sit on the screened porch but with the gale-force winds we’ve had all day, I don’t know if we dare! It’s bad enough to have tree seeds and pollen thick in the air without the wind driving them literally up your nose and into your eyes. I discovered in rather short order that it is not a lip gloss day, yuck.

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with my mom and sister Stacey (to visit her newly adopted English Cocker Spaniel, Levi Sizzle!) at Stacey’s house. I’m bringing a big couscous salad, basically just whole wheat couscous tossed with dill vinaigrette, sauteed red peppers, green beans, toasted pine nuts, and a pulled apart rotisserie chicken. I love couscous for just this sort of dish – a quick addition of any assortment of vegetables and protein makes up the tastiest, healthiest salad. Good stuff.

Moderate it: I can’t say enough about how much I love Neutrogena tinted lip balms. They come in a range of beautiful sheer colors, with SPF 20, and they’re nicely glossy without being sticky. Definitely good on a windy day. Unforch require re-application after eating a meal, even a healthy one – but at $5 a pop (Walgreens always has a good selection), it’s cheap and easy to stash ’em all over the house and in every bag and pocket, ready for a post-meal swipe. NICE!

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