Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 1, 2008 at 8:41pm

Baseball, steaks, naan, and um, Volkswagen? Not quite as catchy (or kitschy) as the old Chevrolet jingle but the sentiment, while not pure Americana, is the same – man, there is nothing like a sunny summer’s day, ahhh. We caught some actual heat today, which meant real pool time for Nathan and John, a long, sweaty walk for me, and some grilled goodies for us all. And then, to cap off the day, an evening baseball game. What a perfect night for a game! And Nathan’s team came from behind to win! Just a lovely, fun end to the weekend. I hear it’s going to rain again this week so I’m extra thrilled to steal one of these beautiful days.

So, as for the steaks – I grilled a top sirloin, one of my favorite cuts. On the leaner side, but juicy and full of flavor, particularly good on the grill. Although in my mind it needs nothing more than a generous sprinkle of Kosher salt before hitting the heat, top sirloin takes nicely to a marinade or generous rub of crushed garlic and spicessteak tacos, anyone? Oh yeah!

And because grilled bread in any form is one of the most delicious things on the planet, I grabbed some naan at Whole Foods, rubbed it with a bit of olive oil, gave it a light sprinkle ofsalt, and grilled until smokin’ hot and soft. Soooo good. Works great with pita as well. And of course thick slices of baguette or other crusty bread is The Kill. With soup, or salad, or alongside grilled steaks, chicken, or fish – makes the meal, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Now…I’m beat, guess I’m not much used to the heat. The plan is to sleep like a rock and move on into Monday… Happy June! And oh, Happy 50th Anniversary to my in-laws Dot & John – 50 years, my friends, incredibly impressive. Can’t wait to celebrate in just a few short weeks!

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