Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 31, 2008 at 11:16am

Ah, a little sun and warmth again, enough for me to be out on the porch, happy, happy. It just doesn’t want to be spring around here – two steps forward, one step back, I guess. Not complaining! The cool air, warm sun thing going today is fabulous!

Our Friday lunch date at Lucia’s was typically lovely. I spiffed up a bit, always fun. We scored a window table, enjoyed a gorgeous glass of rose, then split a cup of pureed chickpea-carrot soup, topped with a few tiny cubes of crispy fried croutons. Enough to add a hint of richness to the smooth and creamy-seeming soup, absolutely delicious. For our main we both had the salmon, seared crispy, buttery inside, served alongside a few boiled new potatoes (so fresh, so sweet) and sauteed sugar snap pea pods (ditto on the fresh and sweet rave). Gorgeous on the plate, simple and clean, perfect to eat. We left very happy and not at all weighed down.

Then on to the Sex and the City movie. Not completely fabulous, but fun to see anyhow. I’m not giving anything away by saying that it made me appreciate the quality of the TV version even more – more biting, funnier, more beautiful, realer. I came home from Baseball Moms to find John awake and made him watch an (HBO On Demand) episode with me (he always enjoyed the edginess of the show, thought the movie tried way too hard to be girlie; I agree). We chose the one where Carrie’s shoes are taken from a party – hilarious. I just needed to put the greatness of it all back in my head, you know? Mission accomplished. And then, I could think back on the movie and enjoy it more, I do like the way the movie ended, satisfying and appropriate. Check out this review on BuzzSugar, good points (I read it this morning, not before I went to the movie). And definitely see it! It’s not perfect, but you’ll be glad.

It’s a grilling day today! Hmmm, I might do hot dogs (Nathan’s Famous and Hebrew National are both awesome picks) and a big salad. I’d say I’d only do hot dogs for the kids and throw a piece of fish on for John and me, but when I do that, the hot dogs end up looking so damn good that I totally regret not just going for it. So, I’m just going for it!

Moderate it: one hot dog doesn’t have to kill a healthy diet. Yeah, they’re not the healthiest choice in the world, but they’re not total calorie-bombs either. Have it on a whole-wheat bun, load on the veggies, have a salad alongside, and enjoy every salty bite. Yum.

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