Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 4, 2008 at 8:07am

Happy 4th of July! Ready for some fun in the sun? Or a quiet, relaxing day? I have to say, one of the best 4ths I’ve ever had was a few years back when John and I went on a long bike ride followed by a picnic of fried chicken, fresh cherries, cheeses, and white wine. The. Kill.

But of course I like a good party too (who me?), so today we’re on for our Annual Super Duper Shubert Coopster 4th of July Celebration, having Shuberts and Stace& Coop (obv!), as well as Harry Cunliffe, Debbie & Stu The Wine Genius Williams, and Debbie’s sister Michelle over to swim, dine a la potluck, and see fireworks. I’m grilling burgers& ribs, and making new potato & green bean salad and some simple veggies& dip. With tasty appetizers, salad, and dessert contributed by the group…KA-BLAM we’re going to have a meal! Yeah, baby!

Moderate it: I’ll personally make a lameass attempt to fill up on salads and veggies and enjoy the whole burger-rib-beer-chip-dessert thing in moderation. Hope you fare better in your moderation efforts than I’m about to! Enjoy your holiday!

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