Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 5, 2008 at 12:06am

Another blast of a 4th of July for the books. You know, I’m kinda deciding that the 4th is my favorite holiday – first of all it’s a Shubert holiday, guaranteed fun. Plus the sunshine, hanging by the pool, grilled food, cold beer, and fireworks… I don’t know, I think it’s pulling neck-n-neck with Thanksgiving, previously my fave. Ooh, burgers vs. turkey, who will win?!

Sullivan Shubert, age 7, is definitely our 4th of July star with his fabulous quips. A few years back he had us all in stitches when upon seeing one of the super-sparkly fireworks he said, “Those would make Vivian (his sister) feel fancy!” Then tonight, he had us rolling again when he told Cooper (Stacey), who was seeing his first fireworks tonight, “They start big but end fast, like a good sneeze.” Fabulous.

Cooper was his usual Superstar self as well. As I mentioned, he saw his first fireworks tonight and thanks to a pair of genius headphones to protect his little ears, was completely mesmerized. He just kept softly saying, “Cool.”

Which is pretty much what I was saying too. I was positively beaming as we walked out onto the golf course, loaded up with bug spray, sweatshirts, chairs, blankets, snacks, and flashlights. With Debbie, Stu, Michelle, Suz, Coreman, Viv, Sully, John, Harry, Stace, and Coopster in tow, I had one of those great, peaceful moments of joy and gratitude. (You know, right before mock-artillery shells started exploding overhead. Right on!)

Make that grateful and full. Man did we feast, sheesh. We opened with tortilla chips and the most delicious, creamy salsa from Taco Morelos (Stace), alongside homemade guahhcamole (Debbie), as well as the veggies& dip (blanched asparagus& snap peas, raw endive leaves & icicle radishes) that I put together. And then…the most incredible appetizer, made by Stu – shrimps with sage leaves wrapped in pancetta and passed over the grill. Damn, we made obscenely short work of those babies snip, snap, gone. Then on to burgers, pork ribs, new potato & green bean salad, green salad with peppers, mint, cilantro, and almonds (Harry), and lovely wine (Stu). For dessert, chocolate cookie cake with fresh berries (Suz) and fireworks. Just…uff…perfect.

And now, my usual post-party conclusion – yep, it’s time for bed! I’m full and wiped, craving cool sheets and a good night’s sleep. Once again, my friends, Happy 4th.

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  1. By Suz on July 5, 2008 at 8:11PM

    SUCH a lovely night, once again. Thank you so much my friend!!! And how cute is that photo of Stacey and Coop? (with Harry looking on...awww) You can just see the joy in Stace's eyes, seeing the fireworks through Coop. Very sweet.