Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 7, 2008 at 7:21pm

Humid. Humid air makes humid armpits and humid hair (evil, frizz) and for me, a dangerously humid mood. I know, I know, I blather about the weather (and its effect on my mood, hair) almost more than I blather about food. What can I say? Perhaps it’s the farmer in my blood, even if three generations removed…but my mood mos def bends with the breeze. (The pic is from John’s parents’ home in EH, which since it’s beachy can generate humidity…almost like Minnesota. And so I ask – without ocean, why on God’s humid earth does is get so friggin’ humid here? Man, talk about pain with no gain, damn.)

Humid moods are not helped by car trouble. I was just plain lucky to make it home today as my car completely freaked out on my way back from a (humid, sweaty) walk – tomorrow morning it’s being towed to the shop, sniff.

Oh look, it’s now raining, just as I’m about to step onto the deck to grill a couple of trout fillets. The ones John had to pick up on his way home because…I don’t have a car. Despite it’s obvious wetness, I won’t really complain about rain since we quite need it.

Back to the trout…I’ll serve it alongside (drum roll), more new potato-green bean salad. Can you tell that I made quite a bit of it? Hey, waste not want not, even if the fam (and frankly, I) is (am/are) a bit tired of new potatoes + green beans. Tonight I’ll dice the pieces a bit smaller and saute them in a small amount of olive oil until just-browned. Already seasoned with onion and fresh basil, they should make a tasty accompaniment to simply grilled fish. Nice? Yes. No complaints about trout, potatoes, and green beans for dinner, but of course.

OK, time to take my humid self to bed. Tomorrow, The Maven and Metal Mommy, aka My Minxes, with their mini-me daughters in tow, are coming to swim. It was either tomorrow or a day in August – the only two days this entire summer that worked for us all to get together! Luckily we were also able to sneak away for din last night, to Luci Ancora in St. Paul, just the three (er, maxi-me’s) of us. With lovely food (polenta, pastas), and lots of time to chat, pool time tomorrow is just icing on a fabulous cake.

Even if I don’t have a car (grumble). Sleep tight!

Moderate it: you know, I’ve tried every anti-humidity, straightening hair product on the market… None of them work completely, although a few help – Phytodefrisant, Kiehl’s Heat-Protective, Silk-Straightening Cream, Graham Webb Stick Straight Gel. Apply one, two, or even all three (yep, I’ve done it) before grilling trout in the rain. Good luck.

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  1. By Dale Hay on July 14, 2008 at 11:45AM

    Hey Stephanie,

    The humidity here has been horrible too, plus it's been 22-24 celsius (which is "hot" for the UK). Luckily we didn't have any major storms - just a few bits of lightning and a tornado (well it didn't touch down, but still it came from the clouds).

    Oh and he he - that picture is brilliant "Dale Hay keeps us Always Fresh!" - I've still got the original of it. :D

    The food stuff on your blog is really making my stomach rumble... think I might make something myself. :D

    Say "Hi" to the girls for me. :)