Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 15, 2006 at 4:38pm

Another quiet day (I’m feeling quiet lately, tired). Baby Cooper’s doing great (I can hardly bear how adorable that red hair is!!) and so are Stacey and Bowen. Nathan and A are here, doing their homework, I’m about to make dinner. Steak (broiled flank), crispy oven roasted potatoes (unanimous request; how could I refuse?), and a Caesar salad. Just a nice, classic dinner. I’ll have to track down a big red to complete the picture. Feel like I should have a gorgeous martini with olives beforehand – love they way they look, sadly don’t like the way they taste – and Baked Alaska for dessert! I’ve never made it, by the way, although it would probably be fun to give it a go. Someday…

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