Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 14, 2006 at 10:10am

Here’s a curious aside from our trip to the hospital to see Cooper. There’s a painting of my old house – still my ex’s house – that hung in the front entry of the hospital for a few years, but since the hospital’s recent remodel, now hangs by the main elevator bank. I’ve known about it for quite awhile – my friend Polly first noticed it and told me about it when she was bringing her daughter Ellie home from the hospital. At the time, I contacted the hospital administration to get the scoop on how our house happened to be painted (it clearly represented the home during our ownership – our paint scheme, landscaping, even me standing at the base of the driveway and our now-deceased elderly neighbor Mary spying through her window at me, a very truthful rendering, hilarious). The hospital had commissioned paintings of local neighborhood scenes and somehow, some way, our little domestic scene was chosen. The painting is not for sale (darn), and the artist’s sketches were already sold, so we’ll just have to enjoy it at the hospital, hopefully on happy occasions like the birth of Baby Cooper!

So today…hoping for another little Cooper fix later on in the day. A run over to the store. Laundry. I’ll be cooking something for dinner…still celebrating the miracle of electricity…not sure yet what it will be.

Nathan’s having a blast in the snow and I’m glad for that (even if I’m not liking it much myself). Since John had a dinner meeting, Nathan and I decided to order in. So a relaxing night for me! Other than whipping over to register for little league, but that was easy. We didn’t get our Cooper fix today, Stacey is understandably (!) wiped out, so perhaps tomorrow. She and Bowen report that Cooper’s doing great! He hung out with them all day today and they were happy to have lots of quiet time to absorb his cuteness.

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  1. By Stephanie on March 15, 2006 at 8:09PM

    She was quite a character. Great cookie baker - the best. But also had something to say about everyone in the neighborhood, usually not very nice, which left you knowing she'd talk shit about you as soon as you walked away... Super nice to Nathan, though, she just loved him. Sweet.

  2. By Suz on March 14, 2006 at 2:34PM

    OMG, that is so bizarre! You must have freaked when you first saw that! Pretty cool--and hilarious, about the nosy neighbor!!!!