Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 19, 2006 at 9:02pm

What’s your vote – naughty or nice? I say moderation means a little of both, right?!

Just a few things to pick up, gifts to wrap, cards to send…but for the most part, I’m ready. Bring ‘er on! Definitely a trip to the grocery store at some point, keeping in mind that one needs to carefully plan a Christmas-week trip to the grocery store. One small miscalculation and there you are, standing like a miserable Grinchy Scroogeass in a line that stretches to the back of the store. No amount of caroling and cider can make that Merry, no, no, no, so I’ll be avoiding that scenario.

But a Merry lunch today with my aunt Mary! Love that my aunts come in to the cities to get their hair cut – Marge on Saturday, Mary on Tuesday. NICE! And Happy30th Anniversary Mary and Bruce!

And now, with cramped hand (holiday card writing), bleary eyes (too little sleep), stale breath (too much decaf), sore muscles (too many kettlebell reps), and smushy brain (too much of everything, all at the same time), I’m off to bed. Mmmmmm, bed! G’night…

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