Last-Minute Labor Day Ideas!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 6, 2010 at 10:15am

Happy Labor Day! Are you stopping by for a little last-minute holiday cooking inspiration? I have to confess that this day rather snuck up on me too – denial that summer is ending, I suppose. If you’re running to the market today, wanting to pull something festive together for later this evening, here are some quick-to-make ideas:

Pork Tenderloin Tacos, easy to pull together, fun to eat, great for a crowd
Souvlaki, more pork (as you know, I do love pork), packed with flavor and everyone’s favorite, especially with copious amounts of grilled naan or pita bread
Perfect Burgers, topped with whatever your heart desires, nothing more to say
Summer Tomato Soup, since it’s a bit chilly out there, alongside Grilled Corn – a meatless meal, straight from the farmers market
Grilled Steaks with Herb Butter feel decadent and celebratory, but are really easy and fast to make (shhh!)
Farmers’ Market Potato Salad, substitute green beans for asparagus, enjoy the delicious basil vinaigrette for weeks on everything
Gazpacho with Poached Eggs Over Potato-Green Pepper Pancakes, my personal fave lazy-day meal of the season

And for dessert, Blueberry Kuchen, baby, The Dessert of Summer 2010! It’s my dear friend Susie’s recipe, and won the Kingfield Market Berry Bake-Off when I submitted it earlier this summer. Substitute other fruit for blueberries (as my friend Kelli at I Had A Delicious Time beautifully did) if you like. Plums, peaches, apples…just don’t forget the whipped or ice cream to melt over the top, mmm.

No matter what you make or eat, enjoy the end of summer, friends. Here’s to a lovely fall!

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