Sunny Sunday Frittata

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 15, 2009 at 7:45am

Sunday morning, a cup of hot coffee, a sunny forecast for plus 50 degrees, a few leftovers to mess around with – life is good. I can’t wait to scoot out the door for a long afternoon’s walk.  Granted, there is still plenty of snow stubbornly sticking around.  But not enough for complete ground coverage, which means bits of spring are peeking through.  (Some people call it brown grass, I call it spring, la la la!)








frittata baking in the ovenplated frittata







I had decided last night that the bread-salad croutons and wild mushroom sauce from Friday’s dinner party would make for pretty awesome Sunday eggs of some sort. Fried, scrambled, souffle? I settled on a frittata as the best (easiest) vehicle, so frittata it was. I started by preheating the broiler and drizzling a little olive oil in a small nonstick saute pan.  Over medium heat I quickly sauteed a minced scallion and a handful of spinach leaves until wilted (sprinkle of salt, grind of pepper). I pushed that off to the side and added the croutons (diced quite small first) to heat and crisp them up a bit. Then an egg, lightly beaten. I let the bottom set (takes only a minute or two when cooking just one egg) then ran the pan under the broiler to set the top. A spoonful of warm mushrooms to finish and oh yes, a Sunday brunch was born.

frittata with spinach and mushrooms

What have you got in your fridge to make a frittata? Bet you’d be surprised – almost any vegetable, a few gratings of cheese, diced ham or crumbled bacon, a few slices of potato… The options are pretty endless. And inexpensive (this is seriously cheap eats).  And perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And clearly easy and fast. Get creative, stir something up, and enjoy!

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