Fish Tacos with Roasted Pineapple (Paleo)

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 27, 2020 at 5:07pm

Photograph courtesy of Brenda Score of A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

I hope this post finds you healthy and well.

How goes the quarantine cooking?

We’re several weeks in now, so I suspect that the novelty of staying in every night has worn off. I suspect also – from what I’m reading on Instagram and Facebook – that you might be ready for some lighter, fresher meals.

I have some moves for you.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Score of A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

These Fish Tacos with Roasted Pineapple are from The 30-Minute Paleo Cookbook and they couldn’t be easier to make. They require only one pan, are pretty much no-fail, and are packed with bright, fresh flavor. The amazing Brenda Score of A Farm Girl’s Dabbles generously shared the recipe on her blog – head over there and make them this week!

To see just how easily they come together, check out this little demo I did over on the Minneapolis/St Paul Magazine Instagram page. 

I used fresh masa to make tortillas, but if you want to keep them grain-free, serve with plantain tortillas or Siete brand tortillas.

They would also be fantastic with the Spicy Cilantro Pesto from Kickass Condiments: 20+ Little Recipes That Change Everything.

I also created the demo above for the AnyTime Fitness Facebook page, talking through the basics of simple batch cooking and how to use it to buy time – and to eat healthfully and deliciously – the rest of the week.

If you are bored and frustrated with starting dinner from scratch every night – and you’re less than amused with how comfort-snacking and/or takeout are making you feel –  batch cooking with fresh ingredients can restore your sanity, make meal prep fun, and guarantee that you’re eating bombtastic, nutrient-dense food most nights of the week. To me, batch cooking = delicious freedom!

If you don’t know where to begin, Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans are now on sale, and are everything you need, all in one place.

If you’re in Minnesota, I hope you’re enjoying the weather and finding ways to get outside. I’ve busted out my mom jeans chairs – beach chairs made from the most hideous stone-washed denim ever, very circa 1989, they even have ugly little pockets on them – which I keep stashed in the back of my car. On a beautiful day, I can post up just about anywhere for a even just a few minutes and catch some sun. It makes a big difference in my day and mood!

I’ll leave you with this post I wrote for Minneapolis/St Paul Magazine’s Be Well blog, about Foods to Eat for Stress & Anxiety from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. It’s no mystery to any of us that choosing the most nutritious foods is more important than ever. A healthy immune system requires nutrients, pure and simple. I’m happy to be helping you find delicious, nutrient-dense foods and recipes during this stressful time.

And hopefully some fun in creating them too!

Be well and safe!

xoxo Stephanie

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