Happy New Year! Cooking classes, delish healthy food, and more – let’s go!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jan 3, 2015 at 12:46pm

Lettuce Wraps | Fresh TartHello friends! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing time celebrating the holidays. I certainly did and compared to last year – BOOK DEADLINE – I was a giddy party fairy, prancing from celebration to celebration singing tralalalaaaaah! A good reminder that (occasional) adversity is the bitter seasoning that makes the good times oh so sweet. And delicious.

I also took a bit of a break from Fresh Tart. I was in full-on promotion mode for Twin Cities Chef’s Table and I’ve found it hard (impossible) to focus on both at the same time. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking and planning because I have – a lot. I’ve been reading rather maniacally and listening to podcasts and researching recipes too, getting myself fired up to bring you more ideas and tips and recipes and healthy FUN in 2015. (A reminder to follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest for my ongoing meal posts – sometimes it’s helpful to see what other’s are eating to get new ideas and bursts of creativity!)Quick Soup | Fresh TartI’ve also – knock on wood – stayed healthy through this dreadful flu season, despite my running around and celebrating. I’m crediting good luck, deeply nutritious food, a fair amount of juiced fresh ginger, garlicky bone broth, consistent hand-washing, and TONS of sleep. I hope you’re staying healthy too!

I also hope you’re as fired up as I am to eat scrumptious, vibrant, healthy food in 2015 and to feel and look kickass. If you’re doing an elimination diet to kick off the new year – whether it’s a Whole30, 21 Day Sugar Detox, or even the autoimmune protocol because you suspect and want to nail down food allergies, I have recipes for you! My recipe index is in process but until then, my recipes are tagged Whole30, 21dsd, and AIP. My posts are also tagged Paleo, Primal, Grain-free, and Gluten-free, so get searching and cooking! And certainly send me a note with questions. I’m starting the new year by consulting with people, one-on-one, to help hungry, busy folks map out doable ways of shopping for and cooking with whole food ingredients. It takes a little practice but once you have a groove – vroooooooom! Shoot me a note if you’re interested, I’d love to meet you and chat.

If taking a class is more your style, come and PARTY with me and other healthy, fun-loving eaters on SUNDAY, JANUARY 11 – a week from tomorrow! – at Kitchen in the Market. Sign up with a friend and let’s talk about whole food/paleo-style eating, the joys (I’m serious) of an elimination diet, and leave with ideas for starting the new year off with a delicious bang. Click through for the skinny.

Breakfast Salad | Fresh TartI’m signing off from lovely San Diego, a last minute trip I took with my son, Nathan. We’re here for a long weekend of sunshine, bike rides, hiking, cooking (yay AirbNb for affordably having our own place with a kitchen and patio), and renewal. I’m setting New Year’s resolutions like keeping a gratitude journal (next to my bedside, writing three things each evening before I fall asleep), taking WAY more risks (which you’ll see here on Fresh Tart), eating more fiber (Healthy Gut 2015!), meditating daily (hello handy meditation apps), and getting back to CrossFit and yoga now that my broken toe is healed. Leave your healthy resolutions below for inspiration!

xoxo Stephanie

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