Paleo Magazine’s AIP Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 20, 2014 at 10:00am

Paleo Magazine Autoimmune Protocol ThanksgivingIf you’re searching for grain-free/ allergen-free Thanksgiving dishes that NO ONE WILL NOTICE ARE GRAIN-FREE/ALLERGEN-FREE because they are traditional and delicious, well, here you go. I created this autoimmune protocol Thanksgiving menu for the marvelous Paleo Magazine, with a shopping list and work-ahead instructions to boot. Paleo Magazine Autoimmune Protocol Thanksgiving | Fresh TartI invited my dear friends Tracy Morgan and Joy Summers and their families to join me because 1) I knew they’d give their opinion on the dishes, and 2) I knew they wouldn’t kill me waiting for me to photograph each dish before serving it! In case you were wondering, Thanksgiving tastes great all year long and we had a grand old feast. I served roasted brussels sprouts with bacon as a vegetable side dish and an AIP apple crisp for dessert. We were all appropriately Thanksgiving stuffed. Bonus: I have a quart of gorgeous turkey stock to kick off the gravy for next week’s celebration!Paleo Magazine Autoimmune Protocol ThanksgivingA gentle reminder that a brined turkey is markedly more succulent than an unbrined turkey. It’s so easy to brine, you just need to give yourself an extra day. I highly recommend it, especially because it gives you wiggle room on cooking time (if you accidentally over-cook the turkey, it will be less dry).Paleo Magazine Autoimmune Protocol ThanksgivingThese shrimp wrapped in pancetta with sage, finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon, were a big hit and would be welcome with cocktails all year long. Paleo Magazine Autoimmune Protocol ThanksgivingNo one missed traditional mashed potatoes with these roasted mashed parsnips and sweet potatoes with caramelized onions on the table. I can’t wait to make these again next week. A grating of fresh horseradish keeps all the richness in check.

See all the recipes, tips, and list at Paleo Magazine. Happy Thanksgiving planning! Stay warm! xo Stephanie

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