Condiments are Life!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 14, 2021 at 2:27pm

Did you already grab my 3 FREE Kickass Condiments recipes? If you not, you should. Click here and you can have 3 free recipes in about 1 minute.

I love giving those condiments away – and 15 quick meal ideas to MAKE RIGHT THIS VERY DAY with the condiments – because it gives people a peek into my food mind.

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows in my brain, but it’s a mostly healthy-delicious-seeking mind and I do get pretty excited about teaching people how to 1) cook food they love, 2) stick with healthy eating long enough to really change their lives, 3) show their loved ones that vegetables are, in fact, yum, 4) squash their appetites into something manageable so they can drop a few pounds, and 5) enjoy the “side” benefits of things like great skin, better energy, better sleep, and better mood that go along with eating a nutrient-dense, real food diet.

If you did already grab my 3 free Kickass Condiments and you want more, more, more then you should grab the entire Kickass Condiments E-Book and keep going with your healthy self.

Condiments are life!

They make everything taste amazing, they’re loaded with nutrients in their own right, they make kickass hostess gifts, they last for weeks in your fridge, they keep you from ordering crappy takeout and wasting money and calories, and they keep you sticking to the autoimmune protocol or other healthy eating interventions.

They deserve a damn prize.

If you need more ideas for how to use condiments to change the way that you eat – in addition to the more than 60 ideas included in the book – see my demos below.

xoxo Stephanie

This post originally ran on February 25, 2020.

It’s (almost) here!

The e-book that I’ve been promising for months is FINALLY happening. Kickass Condiments: 20 Little Recipes That Change Everything is available for pre-order. It will be delivered via email on February 25!

UPDATE: IT’S HERE! Kickass Condiments was officially released on February 25, 2020. You can grab your copy here – upon purchase, it will be delivered to your email.

The book includes 20+ recipes for zingy – dare I say drinkable? – condiments to build whole meals around. These are the condiments at the heart of what makes Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans so delish and are hand-picked by my clients as their faves.

I’m writing suggestions to accompany each recipe for how to USE the condiments to make fast meals. I’ve recorded two quick demo videos this week to give you a sense of how – and how fast – it all works.

In this first little demo, I show how to turn a potato, some mushrooms, spinach, and an egg into a flavor-bomb and super fast meal. Having even one great condiment in the fridge can be the difference between eating a healthy meal at home or ordering in. That’s why I say they change everything – once you’re eating real food meals at home, you can start meeting your health goals. For real! (See it here on YouTube.)

In this second demo, I show how to use a combination of chimichurri and maple-ginger vinaigrette to made a fast meal of brussels, gnocchi, and salmon. Part of the video is missing – I have no idea why – so just know ahead of time it’s where I explain that I combine chimichurri with some maple syrup and spoon it over the salmon before running it under the broiler for 4 minutes. So good. I finished the brussels with the maple-ginger vinaigrette, and tossed the gnocchi with a bit of chimichurri. Layers of flavor and ready in 20 minutes with about 5 minutes of prep. (See it here on YouTube.)

I’ll end with a call to step out of your comfort zone. January is a pretty blah month in Minnesota and ennui can settle over us all. The antidote is to do something new, make some new moves.

I’ve been doing cold-water submersion in Cedar Lake a couple of times per week. It’s something that scared the heck out of me to try, but I was curious because of all of the health benefits, namely it’s powerfully anti-inflammatory, a mood booster, and boosts longevity. (Read an article about the group who introduced me to it here in the Star Tribune.)

If cold submersion isn’t your thing, then I suggest cooking at home more often! It’s toasty warm and a proven path to better nutrition, losing weight, feeling great, bonding with family, more romance, creativity, saving money, and teaching children a vital life skill.

I mean, how great is that? If it were a pill, it would be worth billions.

What I can offer to help you up your home-cooking game:

  1. Kickass Condiments!
  2. Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans. The whole week is laid out for you: shopping list, batch cooking recipes and instructions, and 15-minute recipes for pulling meals together during the week. The recipes are beloved and the system makes cooking at home – and meeting your health goals – actually happen, EASILY. It’s my way of spreading joy in this world and I’d love to spread some to you.
  3. Private Batch Cooking Sessions. Want to cook with me? It’s super fun! We map out recipes, I create a plan for you, and we spend 1 1/2 hours on Zoom batch cooking enough food for 3 days worth of dinners for you. You get a real sense of how a batch session works and all of my tips for working quickly and adding lots of flavor. We usually end up talking about how to order in restaurants, gut health, favorite shortcut…and knives. LOL. Send me a note here if you’re interested.
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