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Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 24, 2010 at 7:30am

chocolate coconut almond bark

If you’re scrambling today, wishing you’d made Christmas cookies, I offer this fast and delicious chocolate almond coconut bark. It takes 10 minutes to prepare! And just try to keep your hands off of it. If you hate coconut, or almonds, substitute crushed toffee, or peanuts, or whatever you do like – this bark is whatever you want it to be. Recipe at Dara & Co./Minnesota Monthly magazine.

So far this morning, the house smells of garlic and truffles after making a quick tomato dipping sauce for this evening’s beef fondue. Here’s our whole menu, by the way, forgot to put it up yesterday.

Cheese fondue with radishes, peppers, pickles, and cubed bread

Escargot in mushroom caps with garlic cream sauce
Roasted asparagus with fresh lemon

Beef tenderloin and cauliflower fritters fondue
Dipping sauces: tomato-truffle, horseradish cream

Chocolate souffles

What are you cooking today?

Even I have to admit that the winter wonderland out my window is gorgeous. We have a neighborhood hockey rink which one of my neighbors is kindly snow-blowing so everyone can skate today. It’ll be a Norman Rockwell painting of skaters as soon as he’s done. (While we enjoy this lovely view, exactly none of us skate…although we stopped feeling guilty about it years ago and now happily watch the fun.)

Merry Christmas Eve!

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